How to be more efficient with iOS6 – using VIP mail to your advantage

iOS6 has been a mixed bag for most people. Its mapping has been laughable, its changes buggy, and its feature set decidedly mediocre, however there is a glimmer of hope for those of you willing to look, and that comes in the way of its VIP mail / contact feature.

This feature is a ray of ingenuity in an otherwise sea of dullness, and it seriously rocks. If you’re like me – and have implemented the 4 Hour Work Week in your life, then this feature is for you. I am religious about checking my email (and social networks now) twice a day at 11am and 4pm, however there will always be urgent requests or tasks that need to be dealt with instantly. (Tim disagrees with this, but the example I’m going to use is a server outage on our website To get round this, I’ve turned on the VIP feature to alert me only when I receive an email from contacts I’ve designated as a VIP contact. This makes sticking within the 4HWW possible, but also allows me to still respond immediately (during office hours, of course) to pressing demands.

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