About Me

Hi, I’m Jon Busby a technologist and innovator based in Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom.

I’m the CTO at twogether and partnermarketing.com, building the digital team from ground up over the past decade, along side out line of products that span channel marketing. Previously I have been an Entrepreneur, starting multiple businesses that span my passions, from home automation to digital apps and tools.

I’m an avid reader (you’ll often here my start sentences with “In this book I just read…”), and a recent new parent (2 years and counting).

You can find me on twitter, Intragram (warning – mainly my cat), and Youtube (no I am not a Youtuber).

My Work

Twogether is the perfect fit for someone like me – not only do I get to use my grounding in digital marketing, but combine this with my passion for technology (and more specifically my clients technology). This can be summarised no better than with one of my favourate quotes;

This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and even it can inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise, it’s nothing but wires and lights in a box – Ed Murrow – October 1958

This will be the focus of many of my blog posts – I’m passionate about including technology – but I feel it shouldn’t be a gimmick – instead it should help to bring your messaging to life in a novel and interesting way (if you’re interested in hearing more – I suggest you listen to our recent podcast here).

As this is my job – some days I’ll be heavily influenced by client work, some days not, but I can guarantee that I’ll struggle to make any post schedule work – creativity can’t necessarily happen to a schedule!

My Values

  • Ownership and Perseverance drive our personal growth to always keep progressing. We value mentoring and leading others towards these goals also. We look for adventure to always keep learning and growing.
  • A positive outlook is key to a fruitful life of meaningful work. We strive for the courage and integrity to always be humble, shouldering responsibility, and sharing success.
  • We value the acquisition of knowledge, the importance of education. We should always be curious to ask others about their success, prioritise reading and focus on education.
  • Our wellbeing as individuals and a family is a key focus. Being healthy and mindful allows us the space to reflect and keep true to these values.
  • We prioritise Financial Independence and Wealth generation. We do this so that we can make future decisions based what is right and what we want – and not what we have to and what we need.

Other Interests

  • Speaking – An aspiring professional
    • I’m a current Toastmaster member (and mentor), currently improving my communication skills over remote meetings (currently writing this in a Pandemic).
    • I’m passionate about help others to improve their communication skills – especially when pitching to clients.
    • I have also delivered speeches on digital marketing to technical audiences.
  • Runner – Always improving
    • I have been running for 15 years. I got started listening to a Pendulum album that made me double a short run.
    • I’ve run two London marathons, in 2011 and 2016, taking nearly an hour off my time on the second run.
    • I’m currently focusing on improving my time per mile – aiming to sustain less than 7 minutes per mile over a half marathon (and wanting to qualify for Boston).

This is a place where I share my thoughts – I’m aiming to turn this into a weekly newsletter. The more of you that sign up – the more motivated I’ll be to write more articles.