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Apple Health Data : How to extract and analyse sleep data in Python (Part 1)

Over the past decade, since Apple launched their Apple Health platform at WWDC in 2016, I’ve collected huge amounts of data on my body. Specifically – with a focus on getting up earlier and earlier again, I thought I would start by extracting the data I do have, and exploring what secrets lie within. In […]

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Privacy focused announcements from WWDC21

Following on from my last post of WWDC, I thought it was worth discussing some of the latest privacy and security focused updated expected to hit the Apple platforms this year. It’s worth nothing that these kind of changes are nothing new – with every company looking to innovate to retain users, but maintain some […]

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3 new features from WWDC21 every technology marketer should know about

Every year, around this week in June, Apple holds their annual conference for developers – WWDC. Most people know this event for the launch of new iPhones (at least it used to) and the new iOS along side it. What most people may not realise however – is this event is mostly for developers to […]


Getting back on the horse

What to do when you fail to hit your goals As I sit down to write this post, we are already 43% through 2021. Back at the start of this year, I set myself a goal to write at least 1 post a month (and really – I wanted to aim at more than one […]

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3 Reasons why you should join your local public speaking club

It may seem like an unlikely subject to be writing about during a global pandemic, when public gatherings are banned, but an unlikely public speaking hobby has helped get me through the past 12 months. In this post – I’m going to run through why you should consider joining your local public speaking or Toastmasters […]

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Atomic Habits (James Clear)

Book Summary (in 3 lines) This book covers an approach to habits to help create and enforce new habits, and remove the effect of bad ones. The premise of the book is the idea of “compound” habits – that it takes time to get good at something – to get there its important to practice […]


2020 Year in Review

Now that the years officially over, its time to review, reflect and plan for 2021


Getting back into the swing of things

It’s been over 3 years since I last posted here (my last post – according to this blog, was back in 2017).  As usual – most of my blog posts sit around the first quarter of each year – when I come back in “refreshed” from a holiday break and energised with a new set […]

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5 Things We Learnt Building a Product (as an Agency)

My talk from the January Meetup of the Marlow [Dev] group. This talk covers the elements we learnt moving from an Agency skillset to a “product” skillset. [slideshare id=71508909&doc=marlow-dev-meetup-talk-jan-2017-170129123657]

Personal Rant

The problem with wearables – is that you wear them

As I (currently) write this – I’m wearing a wearable on each wrist.  Not long ago this would be joined by another in my trainer, or one on my belt.   If you include headphones (which I guess in todays “bluetooth only” world, may be considered a wearable), that’s a lot of tiny batteries to […]