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Apple Health Data : How to extract and analyse sleep data in Python (Part 1)

Over the past decade, since Apple launched their Apple Health platform at WWDC in 2016, I’ve collected huge amounts of data on my body. Specifically – with a focus on getting up earlier and earlier again, I thought I would start by extracting the data I do have, and exploring what secrets lie within. In […]

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Privacy focused announcements from WWDC21

Following on from my last post of WWDC, I thought it was worth discussing some of the latest privacy and security focused updated expected to hit the Apple platforms this year. It‚Äôs worth nothing that these kind of changes are nothing new – with every company looking to innovate to retain users, but maintain some […]

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3 new features from WWDC21 every technology marketer should know about

Every year, around this week in June, Apple holds their annual conference for developers – WWDC. Most people know this event for the launch of new iPhones (at least it used to) and the new iOS along side it. What most people may not realise however – is this event is mostly for developers to […]

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5 Things We Learnt Building a Product (as an Agency)

My talk from the January Meetup of the Marlow [Dev] group. This talk covers the elements we learnt moving from an Agency skillset to a “product” skillset. [slideshare id=71508909&doc=marlow-dev-meetup-talk-jan-2017-170129123657]

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Code Wars : PHP vs Ruby vs Python

Just as English differs from French and German, there are multiple languages a web application can be written in. TL;DR – PHP is the winner ūüôā Source: Udemy Blog


My First Sketch Using Paper on the iPad

I thought paper was a bit of a fad the first time I heard about it on the iPad. How could an app that’s simply allows you to draw firstly not already be done, but secondly, be any good? Well I’m pleased to say I was wrong. Even using fingers and my primitive drawing skills […]

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The Effect of New Year (Resolutions) on iPhone Fitness App Sales

So the my (first) paid app, ‘Weight Tracker‘ in the iTunes app store has always performed medicorly.. I mean it’s never really performed that well, nor has it performed badly.. However, it seems new years is a completely different story, in the lead up to New Years eve (and for a few days afterwards) our […]


If PHP Were British – Added Bytes by Dave Child

This very much amused me this morning… what_about ¬£variable { perhaps ¬£possibility: //Code here splendid; perhaps ¬£other_possibility: //Code here splendid; on_the_off_chance: //Code here s¬† plendid; } via If PHP Were British – Added Bytes by Dave Child.

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appMobi XDK delivers free cross-platform developerment (Like PhoneGap!)

The Chrome Web Store welcomed a new arrival today, and it goes by the name of appMobi XDK. While the addition is targeted squarely at developers, it’s entirely free and packs quite a doozy — cross-platform HTML5 software development from within the web browser. As you might expect, the tool is perfect for making applications […]

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Leftronic PHP Module

If you’ve been lucky enough to obtain a precious beta invite to Ycombinators Leftronic, then you might find this PHP class I’ve written to help get variables into the dashboard. If you’re sat there wondering what the hell I’m on about, Leftronic¬†is a online tool for creating great looking business dashboards. We’re using it here […]